Mike Mao

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Master Candidate of Computer Science in Cornell Tech at Cornell.
Actively looking for full time Software Engineering position.

The above logo is made up from my Chinese name initials "M W X".


Cornell Tech at Cornell Univeristy

Master of Engineering in Computer Science
Aug 2019 - May 2020

The University of Hong Kong

Bachelor of Engineering, Major in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics

First Class Honours

Sep 2015 - May 2019

National University of Singapore

Falculty Exchange Program

GPA: 4.75/5

Jan 2018 - May 2018

University of California, Berkeley

Summer Program

Major GPA: 3.5/4.0

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

Nanjing Foreign Language School

High School
Sep 2012 - Jun 2015

Research Experience

Quantum Superposition of Communication Lines

The Univeristy of Hong Kong, Instructed by Giulio Chiribella

Conducted literature reviews on quantum information and computation
Solved for mathematical constraint of the Kraus operators of superposition of quantum channels
Solved for the Stinespring dilation of the combined channel

Sep 2018 - Apr 2019

Imitation Learning

National Univeristy of Singapore

Conducted literature reviews on inverse reinforcement learning and imitation learning

Feb 2018 - Apr 2018

Work Experience

Software Dev Engineer Intern

Amazon, AI Lab, AWS

Designed and implemented several numpy-likeo perators with auto-gradient for open source project apache/incubator- mxnet (including argsort, hstack, dstack and invert), with C++ backend and python frontend
Wrote the official documentation for multiple mxnet.numpy operators available to tens of thousands of users
Re-designed and developed computational graph interface to support integer and range slicing in graph generation, enabling numpy-like smooth user experience in the highly efficient symbolic interface

May 2018 - Aug 2018

Software Engineer Intern in Machine Learning

YITU Technology

Conducted literature reviews on object detection and presented summaries on papers
Reproduced results of SSD, Faster-RCNN, FPN in tensorflow API and Facebook detectron for internal usage
Data processing for testing tracking system

May 2018 - Aug 2018

Software Engineering Intern

Societe Generale

Extended existing monitoring system to facilitate easy inclusion of new servers
Improved alert-raising system which saved time for support group member up to 20 minutes per day

Jun 2017 - Aug 2017

Technology Analyst


Researched on available technologies and products on street people counting
Contacted manufacturers and wrote reports on their features and performance

Dec 2016 - Jan 2016


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Python
  • Tensorflow
  • Pytorch
  • C++
  • Java
  • Linux
  • C
  • git
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Statistics and Probability Theory
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Algebra
  • Discrete Mathematics

Voluntary Experience

Voluntary Teaching Team

The Univeristy of Hong Kong, BTP Teaching group

Planned and led twelve volunteers to rural areas in Sichuan(China) to teach local students for 2 weeks.

Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

Mental Health First Aid

The University of Hong Kong

Finish a series of course on Mental Health First Aid with a certificate

Mar 2017 - Apr 2017

Technical Consultant

Jockey Club Youth EDcubator Program

Helped local teachers design and conduct STEM courses teaching basic programming concepts and skills to middle school students
Acted as teaching assistant in teaching sessions

Mar 2017 - Sep 2017



Teaching a Canadian High School student mathematics for two years

Sep 2015 - Sep 2016

School Sports Competition

Nanjing Foreign Language School, Nanjing No.50 Middle School
  • 2 Gold Medals in Men's 1000-meter in 2010,2011
  • 3 Gold Medals in Men's 1500-meter in 2012,2013,2014
  • 2 Gold Medals in Men's 100-meter in 2013,2014
  • 1 Silver Medals in Men's 100-meter in 2012
  • 2 Brownze Medals in Men's 100-meter in 2010,2011
Dec 2010 - Jan 2015



  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Body Building


Countries Visited

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  • The University of Hong Kong Entrance Scholarship, Renew Each Year
  • Second Runner-up in hackUST 2017 Radica Challenge, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • 1st prize in Chinese Physics Olympiad Provincial Final in Jiangsu 2014
  • 1st prize in Chinese Physics Olympiad Provincial Final in Jiangsu 2013